Wednesday, November 22, 2006

FR: The 70% Movie Moment

Man, my heart's still racing.

I've been practicing the Movie Moment over the last week or so. I just got back from a college campus, and I felt like I got pretty close to finally doing it. I'd give it a 70%.

Unfortunately, as Garrison put it, that's about as good as being 70% pregnant.

I first caught a glimpse at her when I walked through the cafeteria. Whoa, cutie! Peek. Yep, she's cute. I sit down. I take a deep breath.

I must've sat there for ten minutes. Getting the energy worked up. I imagined walking up to her, and just having every eye on the room watching me. I thought about how nice it would be if she liked me. I thought about every thought that I could think of that would get me more nervous than an AFC on his first night out.

Unfortunately, I still felt like I was only 70% there. I approached her anyway.

I walked up. She was studying.

Don't really remember what I said. She smiled ... ... ... "Thanks" ... ... and kept reading. Ouch.

I pressed on. I asked if I could sit down, "sure," she says. I bust on her a little. Kino, a little. A bit of rapport. She opens up a bit. She smiles. She has a test in ten minutes.

(I simply read that as her politely saying "no thanks.)

I stayed for about five minutes. She was smiling when I left.

I feel like I'll better next time. But overall, I felt good about the interaction.

Cheers :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The First Set

I just crystalized a thought I've had for a while.

The first set of the day is extremely important.

Whether you zip straight for the first cute girl you see ... Or if you let a moderately cute girl pass, because you're not sure if she's "cute enough" ... Or if you get nervous and say "I'll do the next one" ...

Makes a big difference on the rest of your night. It's almost like the first impression - for you - on how your game is going to go for the next few hours.

When your "first steps" are solid, eager, you're excited to talk to women, and BAM you're in your first set, the rest of the day will be super easy.

If you're tentative, even if you DO it, the rest of the day will lean towards being marginally painful.

(At least until you hit a great set - That'll turn a crappy day of game around real quick =) )


Friday, November 10, 2006

Mini-FR: Asian Cutie

Wow, she's gotta be the most asian chick I've successfully "picked up."

She's from a strange little country near Thailand. She's been here for two years. Typical, shy, straight A student ... Who also happens to be cute :)

I spied her out of the corner of my eyes, leaving the school bookstore.

I ran after her outside.

"Hey, Stop for a sec!"

Big smile.

"You're cute."

She smiles.

We stand there chatting for about 10 minutes. We didn't go very deep, but it felt very comfortable.

We decided we'd hang out on Saturday, and I grabbed her number.

We didn't set a specific time/place, I didn't tell her when I'd call or anything like that. So the "close" wasn't super solid - But she doesn't seem like she's a girl who hangs out with very many people at all, so I'm not super worried she'd flake. Cute guy, where else would you get one of those? :)


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Today kicked ASS.

I approached five girls. And all five of them reacted awesomely.

I wasn't out "picking up chicks," I was simply out doing my thing, and talked to 5 cute chicks along the way.

One was walking her dog. She had headphones on.

One was getting in her car, and I pulled over while I was driving.

One was walking down the sidewalk. Also pulled over my car while driving.

I feel like I've broken a new level (not because of the results, but something in myself,) ... by stepping backwards a little bit. One key, key, KEY thing I realized a couple days ago was that I've just forgotten to smile. Learning techniques, body language, etc, somewhere along the way I just forgot that fundamental basic.

Once I realized that and I instantly fixed it. And I immediately started getting phenomenally better results. (After all, who wants to "blow out" a guy who's smiling?) =)

The other thing is how I dress. Ever since I discovered "The Community," I've ramped up my style a lot. But after a chat with a fellow PUA about fashion, women, and daygame, I really had to think hard. And I realized I was probably overdoing it, for many girls.

Now I just go with good shoes, good jeans, and a normal T-Shirt. Nothing outrageous, nothing super fashionable ... just a low-key cool guy. And it's been working awesome.

In other words, what'd I do? Smile. Be yourself.

... Your momma was right. :P

I feel kick-ass awesome right now.


Monday, November 06, 2006

The Breakup Report

The breakup was messy and painful. But, I learned a lot.

I know Lance's philosophy on breaking up with a girl in a way that's as unpainful as possible. Looking at it from that perspective, I did everything all wrong. But I wanted to do it that way ... For experience, I suppose. I don't regret it, but I'll certainly avoid doing it this way as much as I can in the future.

I basically told her ... straight up ... This isn't working for me.

She cried. And I did the whole comforting her thing. Holding her while she cried on my shoulder. (Bad.)

She told me she really likes me a lot. That she's never had so much fun with a guy she's dated, and that she'd never find another guy like me. That other guys who want to be with her just don't do it for her. (I suppose, in a sick way that kind of stroked my male ego. But at the same time, I could see she was really in real pain.)

We sat there for at least 10 minutes. And then she finally reached for the door. Her hand lingered ... and we both felt the tension build. It was almost as if we both knew ... "When I open this door, it's all over." Her hand lingered there for a long, long time.

And then she opened the door. We said goodbye. And she left.

Wow. *Phew*

This was my first "real" LTR since starting with the "community."

I know I messed up setting our relationship's expectations since the beginning ... She was much closer than I was the whole time. (Which is probably the real problem ... Breaking up isn't the issue, it's the fact that she was so close that was the real problem.)

I don't suppose I logically learned anything I haven't heard Lance talk about before, but it's amazing how real something becomes after you've personally experienced it, as opposed to just knowing it logically.

(One key mistake I noticed was answering her calls every day. Even in the beginning, when we were seeing each other every 1+1/2 week, answering her calls every day just kills the distance I was trying to create.)


I learned a lot ... It was certainly very, very, messy, but I wouldn't change anything. It was very valueable experience.

Lessons Learned:

1) Breakup "Soft"
2) Set the relationship better

(Lessons Experienced may be a better term.)

Anyway. Cheers =)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

FR: Hundred Set Sunday

Oh man, it kicked ass :)

I won't go into all the sets. The biggest thing I learned was how much my style's changed - It just flows much more naturally now :)

I also got a Day 2. For ... today. I messed up really pretty bad on the phone and sounded like a total dumbass, so I just decided I wasn't going to waste my time and stayed home. I'm guessing she didn't show.

Man, I need to get more "traffic" through my pickup life. I think I'll be adding a Mission or a "Daily Task" soon.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mini-FR, Life Update

Wow, man, so much has happened lately. Over the last couple weeks or so, I've ...

1) Left my job
2) Am starting my own projects and business
3) Made my first $160 online
4) Lost my virginity

Exciting times man :P

Anyway, here's a quickie FR. Attempted Movie-Moment, and I pretty damn close!

My butt's been planted on the seat for the last two hours. Starbucks. I'm brainstorming marketing ideas for my projects. I see her waaay on the other side of the room.

Her back to the wall. Bag on the chair next to her. The only chair available is directly accross.

I'd have to walk directly up to her. There's no way to come accross offhand. There's no way to kino accross the table.

Absolutely worst possible conditions for an indirect approach.

Fuck it. I'm going for the movie moment.

I sat there for 10 solid minutes. I let the energy build and build ...

But I still didn't quite nail it.

I talked to her for about 5 minutes. It wasn't on. I smiled, nice to meet you, and left. At least I made her smile :)

Cheers! ;)

P.S. - Tomorrow's "100-Set Sunday," so look forward to a post from me :) I'll also be posting more often now, even if it's just short posts.